REJECTION: A road to your success..!!

"I have met with many rejections and now I do not fear of being rejected.” I would surely say, a rejected life is one of the hardest phage in a human lifespan. Maybe in terms of the successive path of career, job placement or personal relationship; we all face rejection in our epoch many a times. And with one encounter of a hard rejection, we feel like “that is the end to life.” Days in a rejected or failed life becomes so miserable that the victim fights for surviving some moments of stress-free thoughts, struggles making his heart calm down and have a relaxed breath, fights for keeping the lips normal, avoid its shivering and restrict the pressured speeches. But again, is this the real way to cope up failures? Obviously not! One cannot overcome rejection by keeping self in misery. One must not take rejection as a suffering. It must be taken as a secret road to success. Just put a deep thought on this saying, “Rejection actually makes you know how strong you are to lead your life after it has hit you. Do not allow it to be your Soul-taker!” This is the real positivism one must have in self so as to keep things simple and normal even in the failure condition.

Coming on this, I will put a story on the same. And the tale goes this way…

Alisha was an emotional and simple little girl who has always been criticized for her dark complex during her childhood. She grew up, went to school and met with some sudden mind change which made her turn a tomboy. With this state she entered her college where she met Rohan, her heart stealer for whom she became that mad emotionally for she was ready to live her entire life with this brilliant looking guy perfect. But she got her heart broken when Rohan rejected her proposal, for she had a black skin; and he got engaged with another fair lady. It was the hardest time in Alisha’s life. She was not able to make her mind; there is any life beyond this rejection. Then encountered her Orkut life (It is obvious now Orkut is almost dead!) when she met with a talented young motivational writer Steve in a Writers’ community. This was the man who changed her life and made her feel the road to her heavenly success begins with the rejection. She started living in Steve’s blogs now; she followed her in all social networking sites. There is no single blog post or YouTube video from Steve, where you won’t find Alisha’s comment. Steve was that very inspiring character that even without his physical appearance or personal talks made used to inspire people to the finest form. So, now Alisha is that very engrossed with positivity in her to live her life in a bold way and overcome rejections. She has started blogging now and guess the wonder, Steve is following her write-ups. Not to forget he is the sole inspiration for Alisha. Now coming to Alisha’s beauty, in the road of her writing career, she met Jasmine, her fashion Goddess. Jasmine is a beautician who runs an online beauty channel and very often Alisha spend time on her Channel and follows her beauty & fashion tips. Now, Alisha has her own identity, identity of being a woman who deserves to be said she is beautiful. Now she has embraced herself with total feminism, which not only looks perfectly feminine but also lives in it. Living in feminism means living with self shining identity, living without any limitations, living without fear for rejection, failure or criticism. Feminism is the total freedom of being beautiful and being that very bold to meet every situation with a “YES to life”!

Just to get the real flavor of Alisha’s positive change; I will come up with the one liner climax, “Now Rohan is seen in the Facebook profile list of Alisha’s Followers.”


Now coming back to the topic; though this story might get a bit of positivism for some moment whilst your reading; yet this is not enough for the actually depressed and low-feeling people who have seen that much of rejection in life which have made their life so miserable to be filled in any text form. So, let me now come up with some of the tips which can help one out of Rejection, failure or unsuccessful phage of life.

How to come out of Rejection: Tricks to apply on self for accepting Rejection as the road to success..!

For I believe life is meant only to be constructed & lubricated by self improvement and by entertaining a strong hold of positive thoughts in the long run to discover the path to success after a rejection. Taking this positive note in mind, just think of all those rejections you have met with and make a strong statement in your life, “NOW I AM TO REJECT MY FEAR OF BEING REJECTED!”

Now check out the tips to overcome rejection and failure

1. Keep a 50-50 mind setup for accepting the upshot: Maybe it is your CAT entrance, maybe your campus interview or maybe your love or marriage proposal; keep a mind setup that you may meet an acceptance or rejection. This means keep a YES to accept whatever result comes out in your list. Enfold positivism to accept YES as well as NO! This will help out fight against rejection in a great way. For my example, I applied for a permanent blogger post in a well established company last week and I gave my best write-up as the sample writing as per their requirement. But last night I got their mail which stated, “Thanks for your sample. But we are looking for writers with formal technical writing styles and you seem bit whimsical in technical writing! ” It was a real awkward situation to get this kind of response for a content writer with more than 3 years of experience and a passionate writer since her childhood. But look, I am totally free of any ill effect of the rejection. For I had a 50-50 mind setup for my selection in the same.

2. Do not stick to one application and spread your talent to varied reaches: In case you are applying for your job, for like say you are an android developer and want to work with one big tech company. Now this attitude is “No-No “stuff in case you are willing to keep safe from the misery of rejection. You must have a numerous contacts in your niche and put your applications in various tech companies. For not every employer will reject your work. There will be at least one who will choose you. If I got rejected in one company last day, I got selected in another company and their response mail stated, “We are impressed with your sample article and elect you as our full-time blogger and you can avail the work from home facility. Welcome to our group. We hope a long term association with you.” This reflects all!

3. Change your overall perception about self: “Rejection never kills a life, the intense feeling of being rejected kill you.” Keep a note; do not keep on reminding self that you are a rejected fellow or you are a Zero. In case you have failed in any of your part in life or have met with rejections, do find out the reasons behind your failure & try to overcome your weak points, but by keeping a positive thought that you will come out fair again. Do not just stick to the sentence of a weak heart, “I know I am good for nothing and I will always be a failure.” This perception can actually kill the good points surviving in you, which might take you to a successful path. So, as a artifice, you can keep a list of all the fair qualities you have in you, make out what all good things you have done to self and to others and have a thought on them every day so as to have the strong positivity come out in a marvel form to fight against the rejection.

4. Do not shit on your self-confidence: Even if we are usually fairly confident in our life, but many times we fail facing the toughest rejections and there are times where with the approach of any shitty rejection in life; we start losing our self-confidence. Now here I will simply come up with a quote and that will make you know all.”I am rejected by that one SHE or that one HE. So what even I have rejected many HEs and SHEs in my life.” This is the way to overcome rejection holding confidence and a positive attitude.

5. Be with a wholesome attitude: A wholesome attitude means, keeping self in a winning position. Mind you, winning position does not mean 100 percent perfection in being a winner, but it means 100 percent excellence being in the fight. So get well set in your looks, in your dressing sense, in your overall outlook and also keep a strong appealing attitude in self, boost up with confidence of wholesomeness or totality residing in you which would help you come out of the fear of being rejected. It happens many a times; the fear kills the winning life. So, make sure you have occupied self with a total excellence or wholesomeness which would help you keep safe from being nervous in tough examinations of life, which in turn help you in a strong side of avoiding rejection.

6. Learn promoting self: This is the tip which might sound a bit weird. But it is my own experience which I want to share with you. I have been writing since my class 9th but very few people knew about my writing talent. It happened since past 4-5 years back that I learnt from one of my senior about blogging and other promoting acts. I started doing the same and now if I am known in the professional world or any social site, I am known for my writing. Though I get rejections even now, I also get a lot of acceptance and offerings from people who have requirements in their writing and who look at my blogs or web contents for my writing assessment. You will also find almost all celebrities with their self promoting pages in various social sites. Ah! Considering self as a celebrity here: P Hey but keep a note; if I am disgusting in mathematics, I won’t ever come up with a website promoting my maths knowledge: P so, this particular tip is not applicable for the areas where you are not even in to the level one phage.

So, these were some of the tips which will help you out fight against the pain & hardship of rejection. I have come out of that ignorance life where I used to feel totally dead with a mere rejection. Now I am that strong to face the toughest rejections of life, now I can neatly say, “I am fair enough to walk away any rejection. For now I have learnt rejecting the fear of rejection.”

Now guys stop complaining “She rejected my friend request in Facebook! :P

Electra Padhy 

About the Author :
I am a Post Graduate in Biotechnology and a freelance content writer by profession. Writing has always been my hobby since childhood and that made me come in to the professional world of writing. My personal & passionate writing includes poetry of which I have published my two books on my own poems. I also do blog posts & write scripts of drama & stories in free time. Along with I do lyrics & do tone composition to my own hindi & english songs.
More about me is ELECTRA!! :)

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