"I am a person with a celebrating heart and dancing mind." It is a true fact, a human heart do not require any particular reason to celebrate its life. Because every moment is that majestically momentous to be enjoyed like any of the festive moment. With the God's grace, we humans are surprisingly bestowed with every single brilliance in our body, in our mind which actually reflects the true reason to pick up the finest vibes of heart and majestically countless divine sparking neurons. In the next ten minutes, all you perfectly glorious lifers will surely be having a strange node added to your life which would present you a real melodramatically sensational move to celebrate every passing moment of your fascinating and ever rejoicing life.

I have been a sufferer since past few years, a sufferer who always wished to have some kind of consolation from others. I always wanted a push up oration from any soulful relative; which was practically impossible to have every time I wished for. Those days were like my soul was leading a destitute life with all the drowsy heart beats which were creeping to have a boost every time they were to beat. And to my belief it was because I was waiting for the good to happen, waiting for reality to create some kind of sparkles in my life. It was because I was unaware about the most exciting portion of me residing secretly inside. And this special lively element is what “A Self Loving heart”, “A self entertaining mind”!

Sounds quite like a drama! But this is what reality. You can never get a prompt life with an attitude of “Begging for consolation from others.” Time passed on and the crushed spirit was taking its transcendent role in me. The crushed spirit what is say here, is a spirit which kills a human every moment, which make you feel low, depressed and makes you believe you are just a ZERO. Okay! Now like I was followed by the crushed spirit in each breathe I took, in every blink of my eye and every time my heart was beating. All of a sudden, one glowing day encountered me which really changed the entire scenario of my heart and mind. It transformed my destitute life to the most affluent one and enforced me to feel real great about myself. It actually triggered my “Self loving heart and Self entertaining mind” and made me know I have millions of reason to be happy about self. Or, in fact you can say; now I do not actually require any reason to celebrate my festive life! Let me explain now how all you darlings can get the same stimulating mood in your life to keep yourself sparkling every single moment, to present yourself the best ever gift which will scope your silent heart to break its silence and rejoice its every sensational beat, which will facilitate your lost soul to empower it with a surpassing current of celebration every single moment.

Well all you adorable humans! Be happy, Jesus has presented you the best ever gift to you, i.e. LIFE. This life is not any less to heaven. Why would anyone aim for heaven as the final abode, when life on Earth is so alluring! And to really feel, life is always enjoyable all you need is to give a back kick at the Crushed spirit, and embrace the most passionate spirit full of ardor, full of valid reasons to keep yourself in a rejoice manner at every stage of your life. This can be done and very much done by each individual. All you need is stop regretting the past, rather make it your destiny; stop waiting for future to happen, make it happen with your will and above all do not waste your present by experiencing what reality makes you experience in real. A sensual mind and arduous heart will make a much cognizant reality by self.

Again buddies! I will speak about the VIBRATION, the positive thought Vibration; which is a truly pre-eminent factor sustaining inside your body and which always keeps you pampering to come out of every limitation, and lead a free and celebrating life. Ok ok…hang ON! What is the Vibration about? If you ask, “Can I see it?” Obviously NO. Again if you put up, “Can I feel it?” Absolutely YES! But you need to actually believe this is as real as any other real thing you can see in the world. This is something which attracts things towards you, makes you filled with energy, a kind of positive force which not only aids you in presenting a festive life with worth living reason; but also helps you in realizing your mind is no less than the Jesus own domain and your heart is no less than any beautiful angel. There are so many reasons to believe there is no death to a fascinating life when there is the actual LIFE with you, enfolding you in a magnetic way, providing you the most eloquent vibes and making you feel in real “No moment is a misery!” All you need is the surprising touch from “Self loving heart and self entertaining mind.”

Now that be all for this session. Meet you again in the next oration. Till then keep tantalizing your soul and keep entertaining yourself with all the finest nodes of a luxuriant life.

“Every moment is MINE!”

Electra Padhy,

About the Author :
I am a Post Graduate in Biotechnology and a freelance content writer by profession. Writing has always been my hobby since childhood and that made me come in to the professional world of writing. My personal & passionate writing includes poetry of which I have published my two books on my own poems. I also do blog posts & write scripts of drama & stories in free time. Along with I do lyrics & do tone composition to my own hindi & english songs.
More about me is ELECTRA!! :)

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