We all are living in exciting times today. The present age can be described as the SUCCESS AGE. Great innovations, achievements, successes are the order of the day. Never before has the humankind seen so much of craving for success. In every field people are aspiring to achieve success, make a mark, create a niche for themselves. This craze is even more intense and deeply prevalent in young people today. Whether it is in sports, movies, science, academics, social work or any other field, the longing for success and the desire to carve out a niche for themselves is widely seen among young people today. This trend is also commonplace in the Corporate Sector. Gone are the days when people used to remain content with the same job for years (nay decades) together in the same organization. Now young people are itching to move up the corporate ladder at quick pace. They want to do so by proving their capabilities and potential. The commitment and focus shown by youngsters today is remarkable. The excellence produced by them in various roles in corporate organizations in incredible. There is a saying “Nothing succeeds like SUCCESS”. This means nothing motivates like SUCCESS. Success brings in adulation, popularity, career advancement, more money and so on... For most people it also begets Satisfaction.

So now the million dollar question is: Is there anything called the SUCCESS formula? How does one become successful in the corporate sector or in business or in any other field for that matter? What are the hallmarks of success? What qualities set one apart from others? What helps youngsters today to stand out and draw attention in organizations? Business Today in its April 3, 2011 edition has listed SIX qualities that make one a STAR PERFORMER in an organization.

Let’s take a look at them:-

A Star Performer in an Organization:

1. Seeks new work opportunities in the organization

2. Works faster than his peers

3. Is always ready to add value and contribute

4. Challenges the status quo, takes more responsibilities

5. Is Organized- in thought process and at work

6. Is upfront with all without being disrespectful

What do you think about these qualities? Do you agree with them or not? Are these qualities synonymous with Star Performers that you have in your mind or have interacted with? Would you like to add any qualities to this list?

I would like to hear from you on qualities for SUCCESS in the SUCCESS age……

Surya Prakash Mohapatra
India Head- Training and KM,
Hewlett-Packard Global
Business Services

About the Author:

Surya Prakash Mohapatra , currently the India Head- Training and Knowledge Management at Hewlett Packard Global Business Services has over 17 + years of experience in various leadership roles in several leading IT and ITES organizations. Prior to Hewlett Packard, he worked in Wipro, Microland, FirstRing, Computer Garage and a few other organizations. Surya has extensive experience in setting up and running learning and development functions for organizations in India and international locations.Surya set up the global training function for Wipro BPO which spanned across 10 locations in Brazil, Mexico, Romania, Poland, China and India.

He has led leadership development, capability building and talent management efforts in various organizations. He was instrumental in setting up the Management Academy and Domain Gurukul in Wipro BPO. Surya brings with him a vast experience in setting up Knowledge Centers of Excellence in various domains, defining and implementing training models for Rural BPO, Tier-III BPO etc.
In his current role at HP, he is engaged in evolving strategies for career development, talent management and knowledge management for the organization in India. In the past, he played a key role in setting up the training function in HP GBS. He was one of the key contributors to HP's Charisma Program as the global lead for the training tower.Some of the best-in-class initiatives led by him, has received industry recognition as well.
Surya speaks regularly in various national and international forums on topics related to HR, Learning and Development, Corporate Culture and Spirituality. His articles have been published in various journals and magazines. He also edits an e-magazine named EKAKSHAARA for learning and development professionals.Surya runs and moderates a few successful communities of practice in the industry.

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