Global Warming Facts That Will Alter the Way You See Climate Change

There are many misconceptions regarding the global warming facts out there, as Bill Nye's recent debate with creationist Ken Hamm shows, some understandable and some that just plain scary. Here are a few quick facts about global warming.

Facts about global warming:

It can create more, not less snow. One argument that climate change deniers like to throw out to discredit global warming facts is above average snowfalls or cold weather snaps. This is one reason why many experts prefer to use the term climate change instead of global warming. Deniers like to point to weather temperatures and say that global warming is a myth not a fact because of x reason. But climate is different than weather. Climate change/global warming can cause unstable weather patterns due to the rapidly diminishing ice caps. As this article succinctly puts it, iœ Climate scientists are still working on this idea, but warming in the Arctic is melting ice and creating more surface area of water. This is darker than ice, so this open water absorbs more heat from the Sun, which can affect the way air moves in the troposphere and stratosphere. It's possible this in turn affects the vortex, causing the boundaries to weaken, dropping cold air south. As usual, it's difficult to pin any given weather event on the changing climate (we do sometimes see dips in the vortex, though usually not this severe). Still, as the climate does change, we'll see more extreme weather events.
It's not a naturally occurring event. To an extent, yes this is true. The Earth is in a constant state of flux, adapting to new pressures and changes. And, yes, there will be periods of higher temperatures and lower temperatures, often caused by catastrophic events. Events, like the volcano eruption in the 6th century A.D. that lead to global cooling, which may have taken the Earth centuries to recover from. Climate change deniers like to point to events like this and state that this is just the world recovering from this. However, just like the ash from the volcano plume blocked out the sun and caused early snow, so to have humans created the opposite. One of the earliest proven global warming facts is humanity's involvement in it. Since the onset of the Industrial Age, humanity has burned an enormous amount of fossil fuels, releasing massive amounts of greenhouse gasses Into the atmosphere. These gasses trap heat in the Earth's atmosphere, instead of allowing it to dissipate, triggering a chain reaction that impacts life around the globe. Venice is flooding, low lying countries like Holland are losing land as ocean levels rise, and many species, such as the polar bear are having to migrate to new hunting grounds as their old ones simply vanish.

Whether it is called climate change or global warming, facts about this are piling up. There is evidence out there for anyone to find that proves that it is real, and that it is happening now. The consequences for ignoring this are immense. Humanity has played a part in the rising of global temperatures and it is the responsibility of all of us to try and heal some of the damage that has been done. 

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